Ignorance is bliss, no more

This year, like any other, we’ve seen death by disease, death by disaster and death by the hands of others. But this year, unlike any other, time has moved fast while we have had to move slow. We have had time to see the world as it is. To think about our effect on it. And to do things differently, if we choose to. 

While we stayed indoors, the world outside started to heal itself. And we started to see the beauty in it again. We began to appreciate the simple things in life. The joy of outdoors, the pleasure of breathing in clean air and walks in the park. But most of all we remembered how much we appreciate our lives and each other. 

When we can, we will welcome those impulsive hugs and kisses with family, friends and even colleagues. We will get up for work with a smile on our face and cheerily complain about the commute. We will socially gather with as many people as we want, anytime and where we want. 

This year, we’ve seen what is good, bad and possible in this world. But these strange days may ultimately lead us to a better future. We are in ignorant bliss no more.

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